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Who Runs the World? #GFSquad Girls Do (Udi’s Contest + Love)


This is me and my gal getting ready to chow down. You may not know it by looking, but this little lady is one of my fiercest advocates when it comes time to get our eat on. I’ve written about my daughter before and the “does she, doesn’t she” business with celiac, but what I haven’t told you is how she’s already so well-versed in gluten-free (even though she’s not celiac…yet), she sometimes tackles the awkward conversations with wait staff for me. AND, she’s big on ordering gluten-free meals even though she doesn’t have to eat them.

This girl is my GFF, and in the numero uno spot on my #GFSquad. She’s so badass she even drives a food truck.


Okay, she’s not driving that truck. But it is a food truck for my brother’s restaurant in Austin, Texas that also serves up Udi’s gluten-free buns (among other GF goodness). So really, I’ve got a whole family that makes up my #GFSquad.

People, you’ve gotta’ have friends in this world. And when you’re in the “special eaters” club that means you have to be gluten-free, well, then you REALLY gotta’ have friends. This is why Udi’s is sponsoring this #GFSquad party, where you can win some fun things! And they’ve asked me to help spread the word, as well as talk about my own squad.

So first, I’m giving a great big thank you to my daughter who kicks butt and takes care of her mama. Esme B, I adore you and thank you for eating gluten-free pizza so I don’t have to be sad and lonely. This one’s for you—


Now here’s how you can big prizes by telling the world (via Instagram) who your #GFSquad team is, and how amazing they make you feel.

Udi’s #GFsquad Instagram Contest Participation Instructions: 

  • To participate in the #GFSquad contest with Udi’s, share a photo of your gluten-free supporter on Instagram with a short description of how this person has supported you during your gluten-free journey.
  • This contest will run 2/1-2/19
  • In your post, tag Udi’s (@udisglutenfree) and include #GFsquad
  • What can you win? One (1) First Prize: $500.00 VISA® gift card. One (1) Second Prize: $400 VISA® gift card. Four (4) Third Prizes: $250 VISA® gift card. Total Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) all prizes: $1,900.00.
  • FIND ALL THE RULES HERE: http://udisglutenfree.com/gfsquad-rules/

Who’s in your #GFSquad? Tell us!


*This post was sponsored by Udi’s and I received compensation, but not in gluten-free snickerdoodles. Which is disappointing. 

One thought on “Who Runs the World? #GFSquad Girls Do (Udi’s Contest + Love)

  1. My own daughter just found out she’s Gluten intolerant, prior she corrected her boss who said something was GF, and told them “no it’s not, it’s not processed in a dedicated facility” to which her boss said “what’s the difference?”
    She’s been GF for almost 5 months now and feels much better

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