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Gluten-Free Dodger Stadium: More Nachos, Please

dodgerstourIt’s Spring, ya’ll! Which means if you’re a fan of America’s most America sport, you’re getting STOKED. Grab your cracker jacks and all that and get to cheering!

I live in Los Angeles, and my husband is an OG Angeleno, so I’m kind of a Dodgers fan. (If you’ve ever read anything else here about game day food, you’ll know that I’m very meh about any sports that don’t involve my kids, or drinking.) And I’ve been lucky enough to be invited on food tours more than once to Dodger Stadium, which is so much fun. It does have the actual effect of making me like the Dodgers more, which my family certainly appreciates.

This year I took my lil’ dude to make it even more entertaining, and I also had him do the food testing since almost everything had gluten in it. He obliged. Here’s what I found out about the whole gluten-free thing, and more at Dodgers Stadium.

Most of the food the nice people laid out for us did have gluten, as I mentioned before. My kid loved the brats that are now made with beer and onions, and there is a King Hawaiian’s Dog that comes served on, you guessed it, Hawaiian bread with a pineapple salsa. You can find those at the Extreme Loaded Dogs stand. They also had a great little BBQ set up with wings, carrots, and celery, which is located at Think Blue BBQ. Sadly, the BBQ sauce is not gluten-free. Kobe burgers with gouda also made me salivate, and I will be seeing if I can hunt one of those babies down and wrap it in lettuce. But if you really want to grab onto a Dodger Dog and must skip the gluten, the Loge Level is apparently where they keep the gluten-free hot dog buns. I am keeping this in mind when we hit the park this summer, and I hope I can again find a gluten-free beer option. The last time I was at Dodger Stadium they did have a Red Bridge gluten-free beer. Which meant I got a margarita. While it’s true a lot of options are not safe for us at the old DS, you can bring your own snacks into the park to be completely safe. So don’t skip the game just because your eatin’ options are limited. I mean, I might. But you shouldn’t.

If you’re fancy enough to get tickets on the Stadium Level there is a full restaurant and bar that can accommodate gluten-free you. You may not be able to pay your mortgage, but you will have the time of your life, and the POV of celebrities who hit the park on a sunny afternoon.

I guess this is where I admit my main reason for going to any national sporting event is to drink beer and eat junk food. And that’s not really going to happen for me anymore. So this is probably where I also lose all sympathy because I’m not an avid baseball fan who has celiac and cannot get her game on safely. I’m just someone who is married to a big Dodgers fan and has kids who love going to baseball games and would like more options. That, my friends, is a first world problem.

Still! You can have the nachos (bonus), and you can have margaritas, and other pre-packaged foods at the convenience store-like stands labeled “healthy eating.” And you can hunt down that gluten-free bun on the Loge Level. Go, Blue!


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