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Everything I Ate at LA’s Newest Allergy-Friendly Bakery

IMG_1044.JPGLike so many of us in the world, when I get an invitation to a party, event, trial, whatever, my first impulse is to panic. Yes, even when food is involved because when you’ve got, ahem, issues, you never know if you’ll starve or get sick.

Naturally, a gluten-free and vegan bakery invite would put that particular worry to rest, yes? Yes. But. The next part of the worry that washes over me like the neurotic lady I am is the biggest fear of all—it’s going to taste like pooh. Or be filled with kale. Either/or.

Pomegranate, a gluten-free and vegan bakery and coffee shop on W. 3rd Street in Los Angeles is happily neither of those things (although they do have a pumpkin kale bread that I’m sure my husband will love), and filled with the most amazing desserts. I should know, I tried every one of them.

You see those lil’ beauties above? While the creme brulee is always a fave, the tiramisu KILLED it. Here’s another lil’ sampler—


Chocolate coffee, chocolate orange, and a wee strawberry shortcake puddins hit the spot. You want to see more?

IMG_1042.jpgYou guys, the crust on this baked apple pie was so light and buttery (which, given that it’s vegan is like, whoa) that it made me want to eat other fruit pies and tarts there and I think we all know how I feel about fruit. The pyramid cake (the raspberry and green tea and chocolate lovie) was also amazing, and they do something with sesame at Pomegranate that makes everything taste amazoids. They do mail order their cookies if you’re not in Los Angeles, and I would highly recommend the white sesame. So much goodness packed in there.

Finally, there’s the good old fashioned chocolate options.

IMG_1034.JPGWhich I always say should be a go-to if you’ve got allergy issues. (Not with these almonds, tho.) They have a number of chocolate cake options and little bits.

So, yeah, I ate a ton and it was all super duper. Pomegranate even has gluten-free and vegan lunch take away options, which I didn’t try on account of my belly being full of sweets. But it’s a great new option in LA, and I’m thrilled to have a place to order a birthday cake for myself. Which I will do since you never know if you’re going to have enough cake on one’s birthday. That’s just science.

Check it out, ya’ll! Pomegranate opens on June 1st and is in the Beverly Hills/West Hollywood/3rd Street area of LA. And they were so nice to gluten-free me, I know you’ll be in good hands.

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