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Gluten-Free Vermont: A Love Story

gluten-free-vermontSome places have the most amazing gluten-free bakeries, and some rock pizza like nowhere else. Vermont, or at least the adorable town of Stowe, Vermont, has none of these.

A quick google search for “gluten-free Stowe, Vermont” did not help this lady much when I was planning my trip this September for an amazing screenwriting lab which I was so honored to be a part of, so I packed my go-bag and hoped for the best. And ya’ know what? Even without dedicated menus, kitchens, or experts on hand—I ate safely, and deliciously, while in the magical kingdom I like to call “Vermont”. Okay, everybody calls it “Vermont” since it has been a state since forever, but you know.

gluten-free-stowe-vermont-doc-pondsMy first night in “Vermont” brought me one of my favorite meals. Doc Ponds is a punk rock/snowboard/comfort food joint that made me wonder why I wasn’t wearing a puffy coat and covered in tattoos (note: next year). Some fellow screenwriters and I took the one cab in town to this Stowe staple and wow, were we blown away. Maybe it was the long trip since all of us had come from California, but my jerk pork chop was the best dinner I had the entire week. The veggie sides were also safe, and made me want to eat more good-for-me foods. Which, if you know me, is quite a feat.

While Doc Ponds isn’t a gluten-free restaurant, or even gluten-free friendly, the server knew exactly what was up and explained to me how my food would be prepared safely. Add a local cider to that meal, and I went back to my adorable B&B full and happy, and without crapping my pants. WIN.

gluten-free-stowe-vermontReaders, I did not know from winning until I woke up the next morning at the Brass Lantern Inn where Mary Anne and George were waiting for me, the only gluten-free diner in their adorable, comfortable, and gorgeous bed and breakfast. I should have known I was in for a treat when I received a personalized note when I checked in late night at the B&B, but, hot damn, this family has won me over and I hope you will be able to feel my love for them from your screen. If not, check out these gluten-free breakfasts which include, but are not limited to, gluten-free pumpkin pancakes, gluten-free Belgian waffle, prosciutto frittata, and a stuffed full of good stuff omelet.






Mary Anne had even done research since I told her I had celiac, to make sure I  was eating safely without cross-contact and sneaky ingredients. I love Mary Anne and George SO MUCH. Please stay at the Brass Lantern Inn if you’re doing some Vermont vacationing, you guys. They are amazoids.

Finally, the good people at Stowe Story Labs also had gluten-free bread on hand for the sandwich bars we stuffed in our mouths in between talking film, pitching, and wondering if Vermont could even be ugly if it tried. I mean, maple syrup.


So, yes, even if you don’t have a huge amount of dedicated gluten-free options, you can have considerate, kind, and smart people helping gluten-free you to eat safely, and well. Dang, Stowe. You had me at, “Ayuh.”


5 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Vermont: A Love Story

  1. I am a Vermonter and Stowe is a wonderful place and I am so happy to hear you enjoyed your visit. My husband and I have not tried Doc Ponds yet. We will have to check out out next time we are there. My favorite Stowe Restaurant is The Whip and that simply because of the delicious Sac de Bon Bon A chocolate “bag” filled with chocolate mousse served with fresh fruit garnish and dessert sauces and completely Gluten Free. Yummy!!! I hope you were able to bring some maple syrup home with you. There really is nothing better than VT Maple Syrup.

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