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How to Gluten-Free Relax

collagenapaWine helps.

When you have celiac disease, traveling is anxiety inducing. You know this. I know this. We all ‘effing know this. If you want to really relax, you either rent a house or apartment with a kitchen and BYOGFF.

I’m sorry, I meant if you want to really relax about what you’re eating.

There’s still the cooking and cleaning. Which I find, worth it, but sometimes you just want to leave your dirty dishes on the table and walk away like a boss. Which is why my super quick visit to Napa Valley was a truly relaxing food situation.

You guys, I left dishes EVERYWHERE. Okay, just at the breakfast table. And some cookie crumbs in the room. Because I was staying at the Inn on Randolph, which is 100% gluten-free. BAM. This was my gluten-free welcome basket.

basketnapaThey gave me wine, chocolates, popcorn and made gluten-free chocolate chip cookies daily and we ate them hourly. Freaking delicious, you guys.

muffinnapaOh, hi, are you my very first gluten-free breakfast muffin with red and blue types of berries on the 4th of July? Aren’t you adorable, and on point, you little muffin? Yes, you are.

benedictI haven’t had Eggs Benedict in YEARS. Then, I did. With a nice side of taters and broccoli pesto. Hello.

frenchtoastnapaNext morning, French toast with frosting and syrup.

hashbrownsnapa.JPGHash browns, fat ass bacon, fried mother scratching egg.

Which is actually exactly what you need if you’re going wine tasting for the day. Which is the whole reason one goes to Napa. That, and the jacuzzi tub.

So the hubs and I signed on for a day of super fun wine tasting and I met my new best friend, Jason who I want to cast in every movie I ever write, at the David Fulton winery which claims to be the OG winery from back in the 1880s day. After that, I’m not sure where we went because, wine.



What I do remember is that my husband decided that he should approach the wine day with some serious precision. See, my husband is more of an IPA and bourbon guy, although we’ve killed many bottles of red on nights in. And he felt this was a learning vacation. I was def up for it, as long as he let me write down all of the questions he had pre-wine tasting for my enjoyment.

Favorite quotes from the man in my life on wine tasting:

“In all honesty, I’m going to think about what I’m drinking.”

“My goal is to become a wine guy.”

“I think I’ll wear pants.”

“I’m pink curious.”

Aren’t we all, babe. Aren’t we all.

So, yeah. It was a fun day! And made even better by filling up on gluten-free chocolate chip cookies in the 100% gluten-free inn, that was 500% freaking adorable.

RELAXATION, people. We all need it.

3 thoughts on “How to Gluten-Free Relax

  1. Wow! Guess I should look into writing a blog! $400+ a night? That’s some rich digs. Most expensive GF food ever.

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