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A Sandwich for Every Gluten-Free Mood #Schäryourbest

fullsizeoutput_191fAs celiacs our relationship with gluten-free bread is complicated. If we find some that doesn’t fall apart in a dry crumble of sadness, it can mean that it’s overly processed and has zero nutritional value. Schär knows our pain, and have consistently delivered great gluten-free products for those of us who can’t deal with the gluten.

Schär just dropped some more greatness on us with their new 10 Grains and Seeds bread which offers the high quality of Schär products, with a nutritional punch. So what are we talking about here? We’ve got the 10 grains and seeds that are sourced from certified gluten free farms: rice flour, quinoa seeds, chia seeds, amaranth four, quinoa flour, buckwheat flour, millet flour, flax seeds and sunflower seeds. Add this goodness to a delicious sourdough recipe, toss in some agave and honey and you’ve got a dang good slice of bread that Schär* also gives the old ELISA R5 test to make sure it’s celiac safe.  (Also no GMOs or preservatives, just to make it that much more awesome.)

Naturally, I made a load of gluten-free sandwiches with this biz. Although I’m certainly pushing the envelope on the definition of sandwich with the last one. But I had to do it, and you will see why. 

Have you ever had lunch with a group of 3rd graders? Maybe it’s my neighborhood, but while I’ve seen bags packed with pita and hummus, burritos, and (yes, it’s Los Angeles) sushi. But a sandwich packed into a kid’s lunch is a rare sight. People—it’s time to bring sandwiches back.


Grilled cheese is easy and a kid pleaser. So let’s step up our grilled cheese with some BBQ pulled pork (put 3 lb pork roast into a slow cooker, add one jar of your favorite gluten-free BBQ sauce, let it simmer until it falls apart) and a lil’ Bermuda onion. You’ll get one of these beautiful grilled cheese sandwiches on some super delicious 10 grain and seed Schär bread.


After school snack sandwiches are also on my menu. I love to have a healthy after school snack on hand, as otherwise my children will go straight for the candy bowl even though I think I’ve hidden it very well. Because it’s my candy, and I’m not a good sharer.

So gather your Schär 10 grain and seed bread, slice up lots of fruit your kids love, and grab your favorite nut (or nut-free) spreads.

fullsizeoutput_1927My kids love Nutella, because they’re human, and so I use the lure of the Nutella to get berries into them. I just toasted up the slices a tiny bit (for texture, not because it’s *that* kind of gluten-free bread), add the spreads (and a drizzle of honey to your peanut (or Sunbutter) and banana sandwich) and I have a huge hit.


Bonus: Not Really a Sandwich

Not on the “this is SO good for you” tip, but on the “I can’t stop eating this” tip, in the middle of my sandwich inspiration I saw this video on Facebook.


So I flattened out some Schär, rolled up some mozzarella inside each slice, wrapped it in bacon and fried it up.  Yeah, that was delicious.



Bread is magical, you guys. And it’s so fab to have delicious, gluten-free options that make us feel like we’re kind of normal again.

*Schär also gave me a load of delicious bread and some cash money to cook and write about all of this. 

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