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Gluten-Free Chicken Parmesan For Dummies (AKA, Me)

gluten-free italian foodDo you guys ever get an Italian food craving so intense you’re like, “I MUST HAVE RED SAUCE, PASTA, CHEESE AND ANY OF THE MEATS RIGHT NOW!!!!!” I do, and way too often. I love myself some Italian food and as we know it’s chock full o’ gluten so we have to find decent substitutes and make our own.* Phhhhpt.

It hit me hard last week and I was also feeling overwhelmed and did NOT want to spend the night in the kitchen. I was cranky, hungry, and not in the mood. And then I had one of those a-ha moments. It was like Oprah herself entered into my head and changed my life. What if I don’t have to fry my own chicken? Girl, you know I had gluten-free chicken parm in my belly in half an hour. 

I love the gf chicken tenders from Bell & Evans. They make great lunch box items for the kiddos, and an excellent addition to my annual gluten-free Snackadium. Knocking out the fried chicken portion of this dish made it ridiculously easy. Here are the few steps.

gluten-free italian foodBake that chicken.

gluten-free chicken parmesanPut marina sauce on that chicken.

gluten-free-chicken-parmesanPut mozzarella on that chicken.

gluten-free-chicken-parmesanPut it back in the oven until cheese is melty and brown’ish.

gluten-free-chicken-parmesanCook your gluten-free pasta (I love the fresh/frozen kinds, but you do you) and serve.


How easy and delicious is that? Dinner is served, my friends.


*some of you live near amazing gluten-free Italian restaurants. I, sadly, do not. 


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