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The Best/Worst Reason I Got Gluten’d

31102740_1530861895893736_rHey gang!

Are you still there? I don’t even know, as I’ve been super preoccupied by life, work, babies (they’re not babies anymore) and the other things. For those of you who have followed me here, and for those of you who have read my book, and for those of you who are related to me, thank you for reading as this is incredibly important.

Anyone who’s been reading in the online world knows that while blogs are a way of connecting, sharing information has changed. We’re all up on Insta, FB, the Twitter and for the young peeps-things I have NO IDEA ABOUT HOW THEY WORK. My very good friend Rebecca Woolf (Girl’s Gone Child) and I have had many discussions about the importance of connecting with like-minded people, even while the medium we’ve worked in for the past 10? 15? years has changed. Because the need to help each other through celiac, emotional breakdowns, or obnoxious 3rd graders has not changed.

So today I’m using the old blog for good again, as that same dear friend, Rebecca, is facing a heart breaking challenge. Her husband, Hal, who I met $%#& years ago when we were college reps for a record company and tooling around New York like we were cool and not at all broke college students, are facing a GD nightmare. Or, as Hal, would say today, right now, something that is truly beautiful, and connecting in a radically different manner.

Hal was diagnosed almost 3 weeks ago with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and is very sick. Hal and Rebecca, and their four kids ages 6-13, are in the shit. So I’m reaching out here, and hoping you guys out there with other blogs/Twitters/Instas will also share this call to help hold up this family as they face the worst time in their lives.

I wish I could take my friend’s cancer away. I wish I could make sure that Hal and Rebecca will be standing together to see all of their children graduate from every school they attend, crying at their weddings—if they choose—and cheering them on through all of the special commendations those kids will totally receive throughout their lives. I cannot do that.

What I can do is ask you to give. To give to a family which, while gorgeous, amazing, and incredible, are also facing the worst. Give so this family can hold each other and care for each other, without having to worry about all the medical, electrical, day-to-day life, expenses that pile up so high when you’ve had to stop focusing on working and paying bills because real life is right in front of your face, and you realize how precious, and precarious, it truly is.

And if you pray, please pray for peace for this family. If you don’t pray, please send all your powerful love and strength to this family. Any, and all, is welcome.


Oh, and this is what led to me getting gluten’d. Friends gather to keep a family of 6 fed. The word went out that Hal could benefit from bone broth. I made some chicken noodle soup with Capello’s almond flour noodles with bone broth. Later, I decided to double the recipe and feed my own family, because, that’s hella’ delicious. However, I didn’t think about doubling the recipe until I got home. Which means when I was at the grocery store I just picked up some chicken bone broth without looking at the label. After a week of eating our portion of the gluten-free (I thought) chicken noodle soup and shitting a tunnel, I discovered the non-gf bone broth culprit. I should know better. And now you know not to eat any broth that was processed where gluten was, cuz’ it could make you sick.

My dopey self got sick. But only temporarily. And I’ll get over it in probs two more weeks. Hal and Rebecca wish they had my problem right now. I do too (but not, I actually wish they had NO problem). If you can help, I would love that.


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