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The New Yorker called my book “highly entertaining.” Hells, yeah.

I was part of a roundtable for Warren Olney’s “To The Point” on KCRW. In related news, I heart Warren Olney.

The WBEZ Chicago show “Chewing the Fat” lets me talk gluten and gluten haters.

It’s official: The Chicago Tribune says I’m funny. (And it’s repeated in Baltimore, Ft. Worth, Knoxville, Fredericksburg, & more Trib papers!)

I wound up in a Pulitzer and Tony nominated playwright’s library. Oh, also a Genius Grant recipient! SO GENIUSES LOVE ME.

Eater put me in a quiz! And I got that answer right.

I tried to get people to like me on The Huffington Post. Also, Huffington Post Canada, and one more Huffington Post article. It’s like they’re paying people to write there!

The Austin Chronicle gives a rad review, and likes to party.

I love telling people what to do at Living Without.

Guess who wound up in the Greatist list of the Best Cookbooks of 2013? If you guessed GIMB, you are correct. Woot!

I love talking with Kathy at G Free & Happy. Girl knows how to work the Skype.

I talked Kids & Food Allergies on Mom.me.

BePortland makes it sound like I talk about gluten-free beer a lot. Okay, so I do.

PureWow shares my fried chicken and waffles recipes, and thinks even wheat lovers will like me. They really like me!

The Yale Herald put me in the same camp as Randall “Honey Badger Don’t Care,” Guy Kawasaki, and Nate Silver.

Not to be out-Ivy League’d, The Princeton Packet shares some recipes and informs Central Jersey of my antics.

The Examiner gives a good review, and a dang good coconut macaroon recipe.

Girl’s Gone Child loves gluten-free hazel nut chocolate cake, and I love Girl’s Gone Child.

I talk with the fab Kelsey at The Naptime Chef!

Love and Lemons makes my food look un-freaking-believable.

I talk gluten-free kids on Mom.me.

My friends at The Stir give me twice the love.

Fake Food Free tests out my shrimp etouffe. It’s a win!

Blinded by the Bite is all up in my book. Huzzah!

The amazing Sunny Sez turned me into a cartoon. RAD.

The Gluten Freedom Project approves!

Had a lovely chat with The Mommyhood. Lovely!

My Savvy Sisters fills everyone in on my business.

I met Gluten Free in Arizona and became GFFs!

Tower of Mel covers my Chicago appearance, and uncovers much more.

I love these Duggan Sisters.

The Chief Family Officer brought in celiac backup for my review. She made so much of my food, I fear for her cholesterol. And mine.

On The Screen:

FF to find me telling bad jokes about my kids! Sometimes I talk about poop.

This is how you celebrate a gluten-free holiday, kids. Booze & apps.

Star Wars & Boobies

Here I am on CBS encouraging everyone to have a glass of wine while pregnant. (I know. I’m awesome.)

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49 thoughts on “Look At Me!

  1. I love that article about drinking (moderately) while pregnant! And love your hilarious quotes. It’s very annoying how hard core crazy people get giving scare tactic advice to prego women. With my first I was terrified to eat the wrong piece of cheese and for my second I was so over that and enjoyed small amounts of wine here and there.

  2. Glad to see someone write with humor about GF. I’m GF, fructose free, and a bunch of effing things that no one can explain. After ruling out the serious stuff, it’s down to the seriously annoying. Sharing stories helps when you’re frustrated and it’s even better when they make you laugh. So thanks.

    • I’m right there with ya! Gluten, Lactose and now Fructose are all a part of my past. I would say it totally sucks, but I feel SO much better that while a pain in the ass, not really sucking too bad. I do miss my morning “crack” in my coffee called “Italian Sweet Cream” from Coffee Mate and nothing but poison.

  3. Hey ! Its so funny – I just ran across your blog when looking for a gluten free muffin recipe that I have the ingreds for and I am pretty sure that my good friend Kara (Dean-Assael) had just mentioned your blog to me a few nights ago! I am her partner in Fareground and she has told me a lot about you.
    So nice to meet you!

  4. Hi,
    I love this site. I cant have gluten and dairy so very excited when i found your site. My family loves your meatloaf recipe. 🙂

  5. Giiiiirl!! Love your blog! My boyfriend is celiac and we really enjoy reading about your finds! I wanted to let you know.. Sushi Roku Pasadena is super amazing about gluten free dishes!!! The manager – Joe, will be super accommodating. I thought you may be interested in going there with your family. Also- sushi Roku Santa Monica has gluten free rice.. But it’s not as catering as pasadena’s location.. Just a thought!!

  6. My wife and I are big fans of your site and have learned a lot about how to handle her gluten intolerance. Today we were in Walgreens and saw a product called Gluten Cutter, which is a pill you can take before eating gluten and you allegedly won’t have any side effects. Seems to good to be true! Have you tried this?

  7. So glad I found your site! My oldest daughter has celiacs and I’m always looking for great stuff to make for her. She’s a mom Of three young kids and doesn’t have the money to spend to always eat things she would like so I try and treat her with special foods. Tmro is her bday and I’m making her homemade mint choc chip ice cream as well as a GF choc cake. I will definitely use some of your recipes in the future. Thanks for your efforts!!!

  8. I was in the bookstore leafing through GF cookbooks the other day and found your beyond-hilarious ‘Gluten is my Bitch’! After months of everyone telling me “seriously, stop eating gluten” I bought the book and read the entire thing in about 2 hours – through tears of laughter, of course! I may have finally accepted the fact that ‘Gluten is my bitch’ (and confirmed that I DO NOT have gout). And, thanks to you, I have many new recipes to try out!! Thanks so much!!

  9. Dear April,

    My company is hosting a Gluten Free Biergarden in Washington DC and would love to have you in attendance! It’ll be a night with unlimited pours of gluten free cider and beer as well as some excellent gluten free catering. We’re also gonna have a DJ! Please let me know if you are interested and I would be thrilled to give you more details. Looking forward to hearing from you.



  10. I did GF, sugar minimum diet for a year which had an amazing effect on my back pain and general body aches. I’ve been a vegetarian for 20 years which complicates it a little. Now I’m pregnant which complicates it a lot! I resorted to bagels etc to get me through my first trimester and my whole body revolted/got inflammed, so I’m back on the wagon, enjoyed discovering your blog while recipe hunting.

  11. You ARE so funny. I got a review copy of your book before I knew I needed it. I read it cover to cover and thought, “This lady should write a book introducing me to any disease I ever get!” At the time, the disease of choice in my home was Type 1 diabetes. I even tried to write an opening chapter of a book that YOU would write about Type 1. Your voice is *perfect* for disease care instruction. It is what patients (and/or paleo Crossfits) need! So, after reading your book, I gave it away (not needing it myself) to a gluten-free person. And then yesterday: my Type 1 child was diagnosed with celiac. I’m going to get a copy of your book and read it with new eyes.

    I love, love, love your book.

    • Aww, this is a great comment and a horrible one all at once! I’m so sorry about your kiddo. That sucks the big one. And maybe I’ll get more diseases soon and can write about them. Let’s hope.

      Thank you!

  12. Hi April! After spending a year with bronchitis, sinus infections, mono and pneumonia (you bet it was fun!), I just found out in the past few weeks that one of those suckers most likely “triggered” my celiac (which doctors told me was just the mono and/or anxiety). To add insult to injury (cause it’s not bad enough) I work at the best bakery in my town so I’ve been cheering my sorry self up with a Netflix marathon of The Office and your VERY excellent book. And massive amounts of Haagen-Dazs while my mom still feels bad enough for me to buy it… Your book (which I decided to buy as soon as I saw the cover and read the title… plus all your gold stars on Amazon) was exactly what I needed during this crappy adjustment time and your chapter Paris was great – I leave for a six month study abroad semester in Barcelona in 6 weeks YIKES! While I’m there avoiding the hell outta whatever Spaniards put wheat in, I hope all the good research continues and we can one day eat chocolate croissants and twix bars in peace again.
    Thanks so much for delivering the laughs in such an unfunny time… I may be the weird food allergy girl now, but at least I won’t burst into tears thinking about it.
    You rock,
    PS – wtf soy sauce?!?!

  13. Reading your book and blog at the same damn time! Laughing my ass off, finding cool shit and learning some new things. iLove. It’s official: you’re a G! #fimh.

  14. Hi there,

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  15. Hi~
    I make gluten free vegan crackers and would love to send you some so I can get your opinion, that is, if that is possible. If so, where may I send them?
    Thank you for considering my crackers.
    My best, Jan

  16. I love your blog and book. I am a teen with Celiac and my grandma just got me your book for my birthday and I am dying of laughter when i read it! So nice to hear someone recognize that it is not a fun life stlye and that other people are having a hard time with it! Your book is making me lighten up on the whole situation! Thank you so much!!!!

  17. Hey there April,

    I figured I should jump on this bandwagon of telling you how awesome you are (just in case it hasn’t sunk in yet) for writing that superb novel. As a money-saving student in University (I’m from Canada, eh?) I very rarely buy books that aren’t required for class, but I couldn’t pass up this purchase. I just joined the celiac club this year (meaning I received the official diagnosis, not that I joined a legit celiac club… Do those exist?), so everything in your book is extremely relavent to my new world. Since I currently lack a celiac friend circle, it’s great to hear someone else express the pain of watching a crowd full of people line up to get their slice of chocolate cake that I can’t touch. The worst part is when they assume I’m some health nut who can’t afford the calories, when really the old gluten-devouring me would have purposely eaten my slice quickly, just so I could sneak in a seconds.

    I would absolutely love to attend that upcoming conference, but again I have the whole money-saving-living-in-Canada thing going on (thank god for those tax deductions). I’m sure I’ll make it there one day though, and when I do, hopefully I will run into my new favorite author (that’s you!).

    Thanks again for your book, and for putting a smile on my gluten-deprived face. 🙂


    • Sarah! This is the nicest. And welcome to this to our totally horrible club. And I’m pretty sure Canada has a plethora of GF conferences. You guys seem way more on it than we are down here!! Good luck, my friend. And feel free to come back and freak out here anytime.

  18. Hey april its Rhunda the nurse at your mom’s facility. Thanks so much for your sweet words. Please call me at the faciltiy, Id like to discuss some things with you about gluten diets and my residents here.

  19. Hey, I came to your site not as a Gluten-free person myself, but as someone who has people over all the time who are trying to go GF. Your site really has helped me to understand the whole GF situation, which frankly, before I read through the site, I kinda thought was just a bunch of BS. Thanks for opening my eyes to a whole new way of thinking about food. You’ve made me a better host for the people I invite to my home, as I can now understand and accomodate my friends who are working with GF without treating them like aliens when they attend here. Your style of writing also is very “in your face” and direct. Love it.

  20. Thank you for GIMB–the best “material” gift my wife has given me yet. Any chance you could point me in the direction of some leading/heavy hitting/advocating medical types who are experts on Celiac Disease? I am a USAF pilot being “forced out” of military service because I was candid in describing the insidious effects of 2 years of unmanaged and grossly mis-managed celiac disease from 2009-2011. Like you, my gut took a turn for the worse after eating some “bad food”– for me it happened while dinning with some of my host nation counterparts during a deployment in 2009. I started modifying my diet the summer of 2010 and was able to master the GF lifestyle the spring of 2014 to a point where I have actually gained weight and was able to tan. Unfortunately, my attempts to educate my military healthcare providers on the importance of being gluten free with celiac disease, to include the measures required, has left me labeled as a “gluten nut”. Despite incident free flying during my declining health and subsequent recovery, my positive performance reports, letters of recommendation from my peers, and both my commander’s and my desire to continue serving our country as an officer and a special operations instructor pilot, my military physicians (general practitioners not specialist) “feel” that I am “done”. This is contrary to the opinion of the civilian specialists (MD types) I have spoken to. Any guidance would be much appreciated…

    • Holy Cow, that’s Horrible!! My advice is to empty your bank account and retain a specialized lawyer – but make sure you find the right one first – I guess one who knows about and has experience with both military employment AND medical issues. Having raised kids with special needs, I learned the hard way that there are times when the correct legal phrase on a sheet of the right legal office letterhead will lead to an ‘aha moment’ of clarity and understanding from those with power who previously lacked compassion. Sometimes this comes after countless hours/days/months/years of trying to explain to those who choose not to understand. It sounds like this is your life we’re talking about here. A good lawyer who is informed can let you know if you can’t win, and then you’ll know to stop trying, grieve, and move on. But if you can win, you’ll be setting precedent for the next guy in addition to helping yourself. Good Luck!

  21. HI April

    My friend just gave me your GIMB book- I loved it! While I have not been diagnosed as Celiac, I am absolutely positive that I am allergic to wheat. After a couple of years of feeling worse and worse, to the point where the best description of how I felt was “toxic”. I went on a clearing diet and almost immediately felt so much better! When I tried reintroducing wheat, that was when I knew- I blew up- literally-swelling from my ankles to my scalp, I can feel the changes withing minutes of ingesting. Then there is the tightness in my chest with the cough- hmmm- maybe I should get an Epi-Pen???Several years later, I am feeling pretty good, and cooking most things pretty well- I do miss a good loaf of bread, naan and yes, non-cake donuts, but hey! I have figured out or found great recipes for perogies, a killer chocolate cake, and Yorkshire pudding that even my non-GF friends and family really enjoy! I am appreciative of the GF wave that has occurred these past years- I live in Vancouver, BC, and all of my local grocery stores, as well as Costco carry some great GF products, which make it so much easier ( and a wee bit cheaper!)
    I was also reading in your blog about your Mom- I am so sorry- my Mom is now in an accelerated decline with Dementia, so I have seen her robbed of her former( and considerable) abilities and independence. It is painful to watch, and I often burst into tears when I leave after visiting. I wish you both well. I agree with you- FUCK THAT NOISE!!! It’s just not fair…
    Thanks for sharing your anger, your humour and your wisdom.


  22. My daughters bought me a special gift this Mother’s Day- a copy of Gluten is my Bitch. I love the honest humor- I laughed at the cuss words that reminded me of by Aunt Betty! (I loved that lady! ) But, I’m embarrassed to say I coverd the “B” in bitch with a red sticker. My girls just laughed because I also itch if I eat gluten. I just couldn’t handle seeing that word. Thank you April…. Your disruptions of us GFers are hilarious and spot on!

  23. We are going to Iceland this summer with my gluten free, lactose free and egg free teen. I am so happy to find your website. I just want to clarify one thing: are those French fries were made in a dedicate fryer? Did you ask them? And did they understand the concept of avoiding cross contamination?

    • Hi Marina, you’re going to have so much fun in Iceland! And yes, I did ask about the fries and they did say it was in a dedicated fryer. To be honest, I don’t remember how secure I felt about the communication at that particular restaurant. I will say that I did not get sick in Iceland, which was huge. Good luck!

      • Thank you. I will keep my fingers crossed. We are going to rent a house with a kitchen and eat breakfast and some dinners at home.

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