Holy Gluten-Free Snacks! Top 7 Things at The CDF Expo

It was a busy weekend at the Celiac Disease Foundation Conference and Expo in Pasadena, you guys. Yes, that’s my “snack basket” I have set up on our counter filled with delicious gluten-free treats. I also have a cabinet-full of gluten-free mixes, flours and other gluten-free delights because every freaking gluten-free company was there. And they … Continue reading


You’re Going to Pasadena!

All right gluten-haters, it’s time to announce those lucky winners of the CDF EXPO passes this Sunday, June 8th in sunny Pasadena! Get ready to cry: awwecarebear, you’re going to Pasadena! Amy, YOU’RE going to Pasadena! Leslie, you’re also going to Pasadena! Lisa, guess what? You’re going to Pasadena Ali, knock, knock. Who’s there? PASADENA So … Continue reading

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What to Expect at the Celiac Disease Foundation Expo: Books, Cookies & Dinosaurs

Okay, at least one of those things. And me! Me! I’ll be up in Pasadena this weekend at the CDF Conference and big ass gluten-free expo selling my books to the FIRST PEOPLE IN AMERICA. Whoo-hooo! So line up, celiacs. But don’t expect cookies or dinosaurs. That was totally false advertising to lure you in. … Continue reading

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Celiac Disease Convention Surprisingly Delicious & Boozy

News Flash: Dum-Dums are gluten-free You guys, this weekend was cray-cray! I just got finished partying with a bunch of Celiacs at the annual Celiac Disease Foundation Convention and you know what that means. That’s right, the Tito’s vodka was flowing, the gluten-free pizzas were being passed around, and nobody went home alone. Can I … Continue reading