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Gluten-Free Kid Birthday Party . . . ‘ish

First of all, Happy Birthday Judah!! My little dude turned four today, and I’m trying to make it not totally awful. You see, we were supposed to be at Disney & California Adventure right about now going crazy at Cars Land, instead he’s trying not to throw up his gluten-free birthday cupcake. Although, considering this … Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Christmas Treats Don’t Get Any Easier Than This

Tada! It’s a Christmas miracle. I just got these mini gluten-free treats on the table in 7 minutes, and 2 of those minutes were sent searching for the gluten-free peppermints that were hiding on the top shelf in my pantry. By the way, aren’t all peppermints gluten-free? This is an assumption I made, then someone … Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Election Night Recipes: Ohio Specialities That Swing

We’re only a day away from the U.S. Presidential election, everybodys, and it’s all about Ohio. ┬áLet’s throw a gluten-free election party that ┬ácan help you get inside the minds of those people who hold so much sway over our nation and its future. What makes those good people tick? How do they fuel their … Continue reading