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Oh, Hell It’s a Gluten-Free Diet Cleanse Situation: Week 1

I realize it’s the part of January where everyone gives up on those New Year’s Day resolutions, which is why I’m getting started. That way, when I fail I’ll be all, “You guys didn’t even last this long, suckers!” So here’s the deal. Erika, a lovely gluten-free fitness coach, contacted me about getting my gluten-free … Continue reading

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Easy Gluten-Free & Vegetarian Dinner: Quinoa Chili Stuffed Red Potato

Does anyone remember the great baked potato restaurant craze of the 1980s? My mom and I would hit One Potato, Two Potato in Stillwater every chance we got. Because what’s better than a baked potato loaded up with whatever toppings you desire? Not much. It got all of our “dining out” money until the TCBY … Continue reading

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Cheater’s Chana Masala Is Gluten-Free (Because GF ‘Parents Need to Eat Too’)

Debbie Koenig knows that parents need to eat too, even if you’re stuck in the middle of a spit-up and poop explosion (hopefully not yours). Debbie Koenig taught me how to make Indian food, and I’m going to show you how too. Debbie Koenig is also an awesome dining partner when you’re in Atlanta and … Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Valentine’s Day Dinner: Braised Short Ribs & Twice Baked Potatoes

This Valentine’s Day dinner, my friends, will get you laid by a celiac. Who am I kidding? A gluten-free doughnut will get you laid by a celiac, but it’s Valentine’s Day and you should totally make the extra effort. Also, never take a celiac out to dinner on Valentine’s Day to a place s/he’s never … Continue reading