Crappy Holidays!
Celiac Disease

Crappy Holidays!

Oh hi, I didn’t see you there. Were you watching me crap my pants? Most likely you were, because that’s my “thing” these days. Happy Holidays, suckers! You guys, I love the holidays. I have no cynical-child-of-the-90s guilt about unabashedly loving the holiday season. Not even ironically. Not a year goes by that I don’t … Continue reading

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Some Gluten-Free Easter Brunch + Advice

Happy spring/early day off at work/long weekend/Easter! Personally I’m taking advantage of the half-day to make a gigantic gluten-free rainbow cake. That’s right, Pinterest has lured me in again. So while you all can wait in anticipation for that wonder of the gluten-free world, in the meantime I’ll tell you how to put together a … Continue reading