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Gluten-Free Paris: Le Coq Rico, La Maison Rose & Moi

I’m back from the land of the meat, cheese, and cigarillo and wow, am I hungry. My hunch, that I later ignored, was in fact correct: ┬áParis is not so gluten-free. No matter, my friends! In spite of 9 days filled with longing, a pregnancy scare, getting kicked out of a market, one broken foot*, … Continue reading

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The Best Gluten-Free Grilled Cheese Includes BBQ Pork & Dessert, Of Course

Yesterday was National Grilled Cheese Day, you guys! Which means all of us gluten-hating types stayed in bed with the covers over our heads. That was my plan at least, until Udi’s tipped me off to their gluten-free grilled cheese challenge. “Hey April,” they said, “how about we send you some bread and you work … Continue reading